Pentacore comes from a combination of two highly compatible firms that created a solid platform that will benefit both partners and stakeholders.
Our partnership over the last decade made this an easy decision. We hold similar values and philosophies on doing business. We are forming a new company with enhanced experience and expertise. Our merger will create a more comprehensive infrastructure with faster response times.

Our greatest assets have always been our people, and by joining forces we have just increased the quality of our assets.
Though we will now operate as one company, all our partners can rely on and maintain the same continued personal working relationships. Investors will still be dealing with the same people, principles, and business ethics and ultimately a higher level of reliability and trust.

We are a socially responsible boutique real estate development company that specializes in the revitalization of urban communities. Our expertise includes a varied range of new construction, purpose rental development, renovation, and conversion of historic properties, and developing mixed-use properties that strengthen local communities.
Pentacore Development draws on end-to-end expertise in all asset classes throughout the entire property lifecycle, from acquisition and development to cost-effective and value-optimizing management all the way through to the property sale.

Pentacore Story

Pentacore Development is the merger of two highly compatible firms, Afflatus Development & Laxim Inc., with over 50 years combined real estate development and management experience.

Based on a solid platform, Pentacore provides a tailored multi-disciplined property consultancy throughout the full development process from concept to completion and disposal and offer independent and strategic property advice to our clients for the “complete” property solution.

Pentacore specializes in property acquisitions, development, design, construction, renovation, project management, asset management, property management and ultimately a lucrative sale.

Pentacore’s skills create invaluable investment opportunities for its partners In many forms, including partnerships, joint ventures or merely provision of expert consultants

The key common element in all projects is solely the personal care throughout process in every detail. The output must always be yet another project that Pentacore is proud to present to its new owners.